Focused on efficiency and sustainable growth.

We aim at a circular economy and the generation of zero waste.


In 1988, Riverbend Spain started business activity in Santomera, Murcia, a world reference region due to citrus production. Desde entonces, ofrecemos el mejor servicio a nuestros clientes, y nos esforzamos en producir los mejores zumos, concentrados, aceites esenciales y pulpa del mercado. We areleaders in the processing of quality citrus fruits with unique characteristics for the food and beverage industry, food flavourings, fragrances and cosmetics, with the aim of spreading the flavor of the Spanish fruit to the whole world.

As a company

our strategy is based on continuing to invest in the business to achieve sustained growth over time. Our strategy is based on continuing to invest in the business to achieve sustained growth over time. We devote our efforts to new technologies and modernize our facilities, which allows us to offer high quality products to our customers, always complying with the demanding standards of labor, industrial and food safety. Our internal relationships, with clients, suppliers and authorities are always respectful and transparent, constantly seeking a climate of trust and collaboration.

Limón, naranja, pomelo, mandarina en productos cítricos
Aceites, zumos, pulpas de naranjas, pomelos y limones

As citizens

We actively live our values. We make Riverbend a great place to work, where effort is highly appreciated and we respect work-life balance. We value and protect the environment, minimizing to the maximum the impact that we generate.

Our mission

Offer innovative solutions through sustainable and quality products and services to our customers.

Our vision

To be recognized by our clients as a partner in the development of innovative and sustainable products derived from citrus, positioning ourselves as an international benchmark.

Our main corporate values

Respect, passion for work, being the best and trust

I respect.

  • I accept diversity.
  • I listen carefully to all opinions.
  • I argue respectfully .
  • I acknowledge and assume the impact of my decisions and actions on others.
  • I act correctly and attentively, respecting the dignity of clients, suppliers and members of the company.
  • I respect and actively care about generating actions that protect the environment.

Passion for work

  • I do my best to carry out my tasks with enthusiasm and dedication.
  • I motivate my colleagues to, even in difficult moments, keep going and achieve the goals.
  • I am not indifferent to what happens around me, but rather I care about it.
  • I recognize that enthusiasm is contagious, easy to transmit and directly affects the productivity of the company.
Aceite esencial cítrico de limón, naranja, pomelo y mandarina

Being the best

  • I look for quality and continuous improvement in everything I do.
  • I change, adapt and create new ways of doing things.
  • I always offer help to others and look for help when I need it.
  • I learn when I do not know how to do something; I teach when I know about something.
  • I genuinely strive to offer and serve the best products and services.


  • I create a teamwork environment.
  • I am not a two – faced person.
  • I accept freedom of thought and speech.
  • My relationships with colleagues, suppliers, clients and third parties are always aimed at generating a climate of open communication.
  • I believe in my co-workers and stablish the conditions so that we can have a working relationship based on mutual trust.