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aceites esenciales

NFC Juices and Concentrates

Natural Juices
lemon, clementine, grapefruit and orange

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zumos directos

Essential oils and Derivatives

Lemon, orange, clementine and pink grapefruitessential oils

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concentrado citrico

Citrus cells

Conventional and organic lemon, grapefruit, clementine and orange cells

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Cloudies and clariffieds

Clarified and cloudy conventional and organic citrus

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Riverbend Products

At Riverbend we always offer quality fruit products and personalized service.

Our raw materials come from one of the best areas in the world for the production of citrus fruits: the Spanish Levante and Andalusia.

Spain is a leader in the production and export of citrus fruits, especially orange and lemon. We are strategically very close located to the harvesting areas, allowing us to offer products that preserve all the freshness and properties of the fruit.

Through the processing of natural citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange, grapefruit and mandarin. We obtain juices and concentrates, essential oils and their derivatives, cells and fine pulp, cloudyfiers, clarified juices and other products made on demand for our customers.

NFC Juices and Concentrates

Juices obtained directly from citrus fruits through mechanical cold squeezing processes. Our juices are completely natural and fresh, with the best flavor of the Mediterranean area. Complying with demanding quality standards, we pasteurize gently our juices and store them aseptic and chilled in our tank farm, we can also offer frozen unpasteurized juices. At the request of our customers we can choose not to pasteurise.

Our concentrates, derived from the evaporation process of citrus juices, can also be produced under specification of our clients. always meeting the highest quality standards.

Our products can be used in the production of juices, fruit-based drinks, soft drinks, flavored drinks, ice cream, sauces and dressings.

Essential oils and Derivatives

Our essential oils are obtained by pressing the peel of citrus fruits. This mechanical process is carried out without any heat treatment, preserving all the properties and benefits; enhancing the fragrances of the oil. Later, this product is filtered and stored cold.

Besides the essential oils, we can also offer terpenes and water-based or oil-based distillates. Besides the essential oils, we can also offer terpenes and water-based or oil-based distillates. These products are obtained through sub-processes derived from the cold extraction of lemon oil. They are aromatic natural compounds with wide properties and applications.

Our products can be used in the production of fragrances and flavors, perfumery, chemistry and beverages.

Citrus Cells

Our pulps are obtained by a physical separation or centrifugation of the juice.

We can adapt the pulp concentration on demand of our clients. The pulp is normally used in compound fruit juices for the beverage industry.

Cloudies and clariffieds

Our clouding and clarified products are obtained directly from fruits such as orange and lemon.

They are sub-products derived from the production of juices and concentrates. These can be used in the elaboration of fruit juices, flavored drinks, soft drinks, ice cream, bakery and jams.

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