Corporate Values

Quality, control and commitment. Riverbend España, S.A. is a Company committed to Quality, to the control of all our process stages and to the environment. We take as an added value, the possibility of adapting us to the specifications of the customers and to develop tailor made products if this is required.


Our goal it to be an international reference in the wold of citrus processing.


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Our passion for what we do,represents our business model

Focussing mainly the lemon processing, we obtain the juice, the concentrated juice, cells and all the by-products from any citrus fruit.

From the beginning, Riverbend has adapted to the changing conditions of the market, modernizing and adapting the productive process, as well as developing new products meeting the market requirements.

As consequence of this policy, diverse investments have been made, standing out for his importance or for supposing the incorporation of new processes or products, as follows:

In 1993, the extensión of the buildings, with new areas equiped with the filling lines and  crushing facilities to manage frozen concentrates and juices, and a chilled room for blending  NFC juices.

In 1994, with the new Chilled Tank Farm, the storage capacity of NFC juices reached a capacity of 7000 MT. This investment gaves us the capacity to increase our production capacity in NFC juices.

In 1998, together with other companies in the area, Consorcio de Depuración de Aguas de Santomera was created, from wich we hold 30% of the share capital. This company is managing the waste water from the different partners of it. With this investment, Riverbend is treating 100% of the wast water coming from the citrus processing, complying with the national regulations.

In 1999, new facilities was built to produce peel extract products, wich meaned an important increase of the Fruit yield.

In 2008, diversifying of production, taking advantage of economies of scale, adding a new production line, known as Peach Puree Processing Line, with the goal to process out of the citrus season, summer fruit like apricot, peach, apple and pear.