Our main objective and commitment is to offer our consumers and clients products of the highest quality. In order to comply with this principle, we do not hesitate to invest in human resources and all the necessary materials. We have an Integrated System to guarantee Quality and Food Safety.

Certification ISO 9001
Sistemas de Gestión de Calidad

Certificated Control System of SGF international e.V
International Quality Management System

These standards allow us to follow a work logic based on the constant study of the manufacturing processes that allow us to plan and adopt preventive actions necessary to guarantee the food safety of all the products we produce, which require rigorous quality controls before it is put on sale. We elaborate products for consumers that present intolerances to certain substances, implementing the measures that allow us to assure the elimination of any contamination. We carry out quality controls on raw materials and final products, systems for the identification and traceability of products and also, control systems for suppliers, always with the aim of offering the highest quality. The quality of our brand is reflected through the work of our team, ensuring a high level of competence.
Thanks to our Quality Management System we ensure the identification and continuous evaluation of legal requirements, so that at all times compliance with the regulation is the priority.

Social Responsability

We contribute actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental improvement. In this sense, we strive to conduct our business in a more virtuous way and choosing to focus our sustainable production on 3 fundamental areas.

The Riverbend brand in Spain

The values ​​of our brand are simple and describe us perfectly;
natural, responsibility, quality, control and commitment
. The value of responsibility is the daily reminder for each of Riverbend employees, with this principle we try to improve from the past to the present, without forgetting the objectives of a very close horizon. We remain faithful to the promise of our brand in everything we do.

Our raw materials

Fruits and nothing more.
It is what we offer with our products. In addition, we demonstrate our responsibility also through our collaborations with companies that take care of their workers and the environment. We make sure that each of our suppliers respect our environmental, social and economic standards.

Our production system

Because our planet is one and because its resources are diminishing, our challenge is to produce in the most respectful way. We work with our suppliers on a continuous basis to reduce energy, water and waste in our supply chain. In addition, we measure our carbon emissions to minimize the impact of our manufacturing on our environment.


Consolidating itself as a responsible and committed company, has been from the beginning one of our strategic objectives in Riverbend Spain. In order to comply with this objective, we have implemented an Environmental Management System developed on the basis of Law 1/1995 of 8 March on environmental protection in the region of Murcia. The treatment of discharges generated is also one of our concerns. Our collaborations with companies of the sector for the Treatment of Wastewater, assures us the fulfillment of the legal requirements on this subject and always with the objective of reducing the pollution produced.

Environmental monitoring and inspection service

Recognition of environmental responsibility

Council of organic agriculture of the region of Murcia

In the town of Santomera the activity related to the manipulation and transformation of lemon is the most important from the industrial point of view. In fact, Riverbend has decided to be part of an Economic Interest group called CONDESAN with three other companies in the sector. Thus, thanks to a sewage treatment plant, it is now possible to eliminate waste from the companies that constitute it Riverbend. 
We contribute 30% of our capital in the CONDESAN Group because the environment is paramount for us. We emphasize that this is a pioneering experience in actions of environmental adaptation in the Region of Murcia, mainly to be promoted and built by the private sector, and is part of an environmental compliance agreement.

This system of Environmental Management allows us to comply with all environmental legal requirements applicable to our activity, as well as the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects. We establish environmental controls to prevent pollution of the environment. 
Thus, we can implement Environmental Emergency Plans to act on the different forms of environmental emergency that may arise in our company. In order to reduce our environmental impact, we manage the waste we produce, establish environmental practices for all personnel of our company and control the different consumption of resources such as water and electricity, so that we are the most efficient to optimize the operation of our manufacturing processes.